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Metal Shingles Roofing:

Metal Roof on a Residence, in Red color Slate Profile

Metal Roof on a residence - steel shingle red color Slate profile available in seven standard colors.

Gray Metal Roofing installed on a Roof with 3 dormers

Energy Star qualified Metal Roof featuring a four way interlocking design, available in "natural" slate, wood shake, and metal tiles profiles. Made with galvanized steel. Choose from seven CoolRoof-rated standard colors.

Energy Star Qualified Metal Roof Mini Logo 50 years limited metal roofing materials warranty

Residential Metal Roofing Prices

Homeowners, our base metal roofing prices for materials and labor start at $7.00 per square foot, or $700.00 per roof square, which equals to 100 square feet. Consider that an average-sized home can measure anywhere from 15 to 25 roof squares.

Metal Roof in Gray Slate

Base Pricing Details for Steel Shingles Roofing Installed:

The base pricing includes our premium Energy Star qualified, and Cool Roof Rating Council-rated galvanized steel shingles roofing system, and professional installation done according to the metal roofing manufacturer's specifications.

Our base price per sq. applies to a single story roof that is easy to work on, and does not include the tear off, and removal of old roof debris. Any skylights, chimneys, dormers and valleys will raise the total cost of a metal roofing job.

How come a Metal Roof Costs more than Asphalt Shingles Roofing?

Naturally, you may be wondering about why is a metal roof more expensive than a "traditional" asphalt roofing? The answer is really simple; Metal Roofing Materials cost three times as much as composition shingles. The cost of labor is also higher, because a metal roof is not just nailed to the roof deck like asphalt shingles, but rather each panel gets inter-connected with other metal roofing panels to provide for a complete system integrity, which requires a certain balance among all the panels installed. Thus, each metal roofing panel is a part of a larger whole. You can think of it as a single piece of mosaic that needs to be joined correctly with other members of the group to make a complete whole - A reliable and long lasting metal roofing system that is properly flashed around all roof penetrations and allows for thermal expansion and contraction among the metal panels.

Metal Roofing Benefits that Matter to You:

Here is the good part: Metal roofing is not only green and fashionable, but it is actually good for the nature, and it helps preserve a healthier environment. Just like metal is one of the most durable and longest lasting materials, so are metal roofs. A home protected by a metal roof will enjoy many benefits including reduced cooling costs, a reliable protection from hurricane winds, hail, and forest fires. And, most importantly, you will never have to worry about having to replace your roof, ever again.

Another important benefit of metal roofing is that a metal roof will actually improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home. The positive gain or the increase in your home's value will be highly visible and permanent. Should a need ever arise to sell your home, you are almost guaranteed to recoup most of your investment, and you will not ever have to worry about telling your prospective buyer that your old roof will require another replacement soon. Metal Roofs installed correctly will last for many decades, while maintaining the increase in a resale value of your home, and providing energy saving on your cooling costs. And do not forget about the pleasure of having a beautiful metal roof greet you every time you come home!

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