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Metal Shingles Roofing:

Aluminum Shingles Roof

Aluminum Shingle metal Roof available in seven standard colors.

Steel Shingles Roof

Galvanized Steel Shingle metal roof features 4 way interlocking design, available in slate, shingle, and cedar shake profiles and standard colors.

Energy Star Qualified Metal Roof Mini Logo 50 years limited metal roofing materials warranty

Metal Shingles Roofing

Our metal shingles roofing systems are available in Aluminum, Steel, and Copper. Request an estimate to see available profiles in person!

Steel Shingles Roofing profiles

Steel Roof cedar shake Steel Metal Roof

  • 50-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • LifeTime Residential Installation warranty
  • G-90 galvanized steel
  • Special coating process resists dirt and environmental aging. Coating system with Kynar® 500 /Hylar 5000®
  • Lightweight compared to traditional roofing products
  • 100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled material
  • Fewer shingles per square and fewer fasteners
  • Helps resist rotting, cracking, splitting, and breaking
  • Can be applied over existing asphalt shingles, eliminating disposal cost, mess, and protecting the evironment
  • Class A Fire-resistant for added protection
  • Four-way Inter-locking system for enhanced performance
  • Some colors available in cool colors with high solar reflectance to help lower energy costs

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